NFL Bets on the Preseason

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets on any game, whether it is a preseason pro football betting matches up or a regular, must be made with consideration.

NFL bets on the preseason are viewed by some pro football betting analysts as the most challenging NFL bets to place, simply because the preseason is so unpredictable. When you place NFL bets on the preseason you must recognize that teams are not genuinely interested in winning the pro football betting match ups. Therefore, one will regularly encounter situations in which starters do not even play in preseason games, which obviously should be factored into your NFL bets.

When you are placing NFL bets during the regular season you know that injury is the primary reason why a player will miss a game. However, during the preseason there are numerous factors that keep starters from participating. For example, some NFL starters simply feel as though the risk of injury during the preseason overrides the benefits of playing. In fact, anyone who has placed NFL bets on preseason games know that coaches generally give their starters only very limited playing time for this exact reason. Players may also impact NFL bets by missing preseason games due to contract disputes, as some players every year refuse to join their teams for financial reasons. Furthermore, injuries will also keep players from performing in preseason match ups, and minor injuries that a player may play through during the regular season often keep a starter on the sidelines during the preseason.

By understanding the different reasons why players miss preseason games and following the pro football betting news to see which players are expected to miss games one can place preseason NFL bets much more wisely. Some gamblers claim that when a starter misses a preseason match up it should not impact NFL bets too dramatically because starters tend to play so little in the preseason anyways. In other words, losing a starter in the regular season, when he is bound to play the entire game, has a much more direct impact on NFL bets. The logic behind this argument is true, yet placing preseason NFL bets without knowing which starters are playing is still unintelligent. Even if they are only playing in part of a preseason game, starters do impact the preseason match ups and teams with fewer participating starters naturally tend to struggle. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of which starters will not be playing in a preseason match up before placing your NFL bets.

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