NFL Bets on the Texans in 2008-09

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets on the Houston Texans have not been very popular throughout most of the franchise’s short existence.

Nevertheless, betting football on the Texans looks fairly promising in 2008-09 as some analysts see new value in making NFL bets on the Texans and believe they may even have what it takes to reach the playoffs. Perhaps the Texans’ biggest challenge will be playing in the loaded AFC South where they will be featured as underdogs in most NFL bets throughout the season.

NFL bets on the Texans this year certainly provide reason for optimism, which is a great improvement from the David Carr years. Houston shocked many gamblers who were betting football last year by going 8-8 in one of the most competitive divisions in the league. Furthermore, quarterback Matt Schaub and wide receiver Andre Davis both missed considerable time due to injury. If the Texans can avoid similar injuries this season then it is not unreasonable to imagine them having a winning season and reaching the playoffs. There are so many stellar teams in the AFC that the Texans have long been overlooked, and many fans of betting football still remember the days when NFL bets on the Texans frequently had them listed as underdogs of more than ten points. But the Texans have now assembled a fairly formidable defensive squad, which many gamblers look for when placing NFL bets. Because so many gamblers continue to underestimate the Texans, placing NFL bets on Houston may turn out to be an excellent strategy for betting football, even if the team is not quite able to reach the playoffs.

Despite this optimism regarding the value of NFL bets on the Texans, Houston needs to have an extremely successful season if it wants to even repeat at 8-8. The AFC South, which sent three teams to the playoffs last year, looks to remain the most competitive division in football. The Colts remain stellar and the Jags and Titans are both improving. Placing NFL bets on the AFC South will undoubtedly be very exciting once again, but the Texans will have to do much better than last year when they posted a dismal 1-5 division record. For the Texans to become an elite team that is fully respected by gamblers when they place NFL bets the Texans need to consistently defeat other AFC South squads. Last year NFL bets on the Texans went 8-8 and for those NFL bets to offer better value the Texans probably need to post at least a .500 record in the AFC South.

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