NFL Bets on the AFC South in 2008-09

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets on teams from the AFC South in 2008-09 will likely be very popular because the division is quite arguably the most competitive in the entire NFL.

Pro football betting veterans know that last year the AFC South sent three teams to the Playoffs and there is no reason to assume they will not repeat that feat in 2009. When placing NFL bets on the AFC South the key will be to understand the primary strengths and weaknesses possessed by each team.

NFL bets on the AFC South will continue to be made with the Colts as the favored team in most NFL bets on their divisional match ups. Anyone who has been pro football betting during the last five years recognizes that the Colts are as good as any other team in the league. Led by Peyton Manning, the Colts field one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL, and in recent years the team has built up its defense as well. However, when placing NFL bets on the Colts one must account for the team’s injuries, which have a tendency to pile up and impact NFL bets late in the season. Therefore, despite the Colts’ many talents, one cannot bet on football under the assumption that they can easily beat their divisional rivals, especially if numerous Colts are sidelined with injuries. The Colts main competition in 2008-09 looks to be the Jaguars, whose 11-5 record against the pro football betting odds was very profitable for those who placed NFL bets on the team last season. Quarterback David Garrard has solidified himself as a qualified starter and the Jags have continued bolstering their powerful defense. Some gamblers think the Jags can upset the Colts and win the AFC South this year, but before placing NFL bets on Jacksonville one must remember that the team’s offense seems to stall periodically.

The Tennessee Titans have been chosen by some pro football betting analysts as the dark horse of the AFC South that could surprise everyone who makes NFL bets by winning the division in 2008-09. The Titans have a formidable defense, led by Albert Haynesworth, and a dynamic offense, led by Vince Young. Gamblers who place NFL bets on the Titans tend to favor the teams gritty style of play and ability to win close games. However, the Titans’ offense remains suspect due to Young’s passing difficulties, and if Haynesworth is injured then the defense will likely falter. The Texans are the fourth AFC North team and Houston is no longer ignored and mocked by those placing NFL bets. The Texans managed to finish last season with a respectable 8-8 record despite having the team’s quarterback and top receiver both miss significant portions of the season due to injuries. Nevertheless, anyone who places NFL bets on the Texans must admit that the team does not enjoy the talent pool that the Colts, in particular, possess.

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