NFC South Team Predictions for 2015

December 16th, 2019 NFL Football

NFC South Team Predictions for 2015 NFL Football Season. If you are an avid fan and Bet on the NFL you should try SBG for all your betting requirements, and follow us and are previews and predictions for this upcoming 2015-16 NFL Season.

Today we are previewing the NFL-NFC South for this upcoming season, and you surely remember that last season the Panther of Carolina won that division. Hopefully this season this division will have a better season since all 4 teams have made many improvements to their rosters.

We start with the Panthers of Carolina who in 2014 won 7 games, lost 8 games and tied 1 game and still won their division. They ended their season with 4 consecutive wins, and that included the game in the 17th week with the Atlanta for the Title. In that 4 game streak it was their defense that was led by LB L. Kuechly as they only let the opponents score slightly more than 10 points for those games and win the title.

Coming into 2015 the Panther drafted LB S. Thompson which now gives them a top LB roster with Kuechly, Davis and now Thompson on defense. On offense they stay with QB Newton, TD Olsen and WR K. Benjamin both of which went over 1,010 yards receiving in 2014.

After week their bye week in the 5th week they go on the road against Seattle then have games at home with the Eagles, the Colts and the Packers, apart from that they seem to feel they can manage, as well as the 4 games before the open date can be victorious. The prediction for the Panthers is that they will win over 8 games in 2015.

Then we have the Saints of New Orleans whom in 2014 had 7 wins and an unexpected 9 losses, and a very disappointing season. In 2015 they are seeking to vary their offensive schemes to change things. Yes, they lost some talent in star TE J. Graham and WR K. Stills in the offseason. Instead the reloaded their line on offense by acquiring M. Unger from the Seahawks and then drafted a tackle in A. Peat on their 1st pick in the NFC draft.

While the offensive seems promising for 2015, the defense had little improvement, especially their defense against the running game. With their offensive roster and an unsure defense, New Orleans will go through a change this season and to expect 9 wins, could be asking too much, since the teams in the division had more positive NFC changes. The prediction for the Saints is that they will win under 9 games in 2015.

Next are the Falcons of Atlanta who in 2014 had 6 wins and 10 losses, and a bad defensive roster with the league’s sorriest over-all defense in 2014. They were just 4 yards shy of allowing NFC opponents to average 404 yards per game in 2014.

Now with a new Coach in D. Quinn they are seeking change, since Quinn was the DC at Seattle and the master of defense. He drafted top LB V. Beasley and the talented CB J. Collins in the 2nd round of the draft. With Ryan at QB takes care of their offensive questions as the 3 time Pro Bowler seeks his 5th 4,000 plus passing yards season, since he has receivers like J. Jones and R. White streaking the sidelines again.

If the Falcons are to have a winning season they need to start correctly in the 1st 3 week as they face tough offenses in the Eagle, Giants and Cowboys of the East. The results of those 3 games will show them how much the defense has change for the better in 2015. The prediction for 2015 is the Falcons will win over 8 games.

The last team is the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay who had a miserable record in 2014 with just 2 wins and some 14 losses. Their goal this season is not making the playoffs, or winning their division but adjusting to their improvements in the offseason. The signed the top QB from FSU in the controversial J. Winston as their 1st overall selection. He and the team have to make improvements for this franchise to move forward positively.

To accompany QB Winston they have 2 tall receivers is V. Jackson and M. Evans both of whom are 6’5” in height and that should strengthen their passing game in 2015. They also improved their offensive as the drafted 2 top lineman, while they expect RB Marin to create big numbers this season and take pressure off QB Winton and his passing game this season.

Last year the Tampa team did not have a home team win, and this season it should be different for the fans and their 1st win in some 11 months could come as soon as the 1st week against the Titans of Tennessee. However, weeks 9 to 12 will be trying as they play the Giants, the Cowboys, the Eagles and then the Colts consecutively and that may deflate their 2015 season. The prediction is that they will win under 7 games in 2015.

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