NFC South 2009 NFL Draft Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

2009 NFL Draft odds on the NFC South have the New Orleans Saints making the 14th pick in the first round, the Tampa Bay Bucs the 19th pick and the Atlanta Falcons the 24th pick.

Carolina does not have a 2009 NFL Draft betting pick in the first round.  Let’s look at the NFC South teams for the 2009 NFL Draft.

2009 NFL Draft odds have the Saints taking USC linebacker Brian Cushing with the 14th overall pick if he is still available.  Teammate Brian Cushing is also a possibility in 2009 NFL Draft odds for the Saints.  It New Orleans chooses to take a flyer on offense they might go with Ohio State’s Chris Wells or Georgia’s Knowshon Moreno if they are still on the 2009 NFL Draft betting board.

Tampa Bay has gotten a lot of attention in 2009 NFL Draft odds because they are looking for a quarterback.  They did sign Pittsburgh free agent Byron Leftwich but is he the answer?  Some 2009 NFL Draft odds experts have the Bucs taking Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman at #19.  That could be a reach in 2009 NFL Draft odds so the Bucs might choose to go with defensive line help instead.

Atlanta in 2009 NFL Draft odds really needs a linebacker. Either of the two USC linebackers could still be on the 2009 NFL Draft betting board at #24.
If Atlanta goes with offense at #24 then they might take the best tight end in the draft, Oklahoma State’s Brandon Pettigrew in 2009 NFL Draft odds.  The Falcons would really like to give Matt Ryan some offensive help.

Carolina does not have a pick in the first round of 2009 NFL Draft odds.  Unless they make a trade they will have to wait until the second round and pick #59 in 2009 NFL Draft betting.  This is only the second time in history the Panthers have not had a first round pick.  Carolina is looking for help on the defensive line.  They are also looking for a receiver to complement Steve Smith and they may be able to pick up someone to fill that role with this 2009 NFL Draft odds pick.

2009 NFL Draft odds on the NFC South are definitely not as exciting as some divisions but the division does have three first round picks and overall the NFC South is a very talented and competitive division.

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