NFC North Could Get a Makeover

October 7th, 2019 NFL Football

When visiting the top sportsbooks for a bet on NFL money lines, most NFC North fans had one team on their mind; the Minnesota Vikings. At the start of the season, uncertainty loomed over this Viking team like a winter storm cloud looms over the Twin City. The Vikings had just lost their starting quarterback, Terry Bridgewater, to a preseason ACL tear. Once the injury happened, Minnesota’s players began to ‘freak out’ because they knew that losing their starting quarterback would have drastic implications on that season’s success. But the Vikings’ management acted quickly on their feet and made a trade that left all of us flabbergasted.

After the management realized they would be without their starting quarterback they began to evaluate their options, before pulling the trigger on a semi-questionable move. To help cover the loss of Bridgewater the Vikings brought in Sam Bradford via a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. Bradford had never truly been an elite quarterback, but hey, Minnesota needed someone to take the snaps. With 8 days to learn the Vikings’ offense, most critics predicted that Bradford would be totally unprepared to lead this team to a victory.

But on opening day the young quarterback looked calm, poised, and prepared to lead this team to the postseason. 8 weeks down the line, and the Vikings find themselves atop the NFC North. For a while it seemed like Minnesota was undefeatable, but two straight losses has stopped the Vikings dead in their tracks. Will they be able to break their losing streak this upcoming weekend? Let’s see what the top sportsbooks have to say about the Vikings chances against the Detroit Lions.

NFL Odds – Week 9 – Sunday, November 6th 

Minnesota Vikings -6 (-115) 40 ½ (-110) -260
Detroit Lions +6 (-105) 40 ½ (-110) +210

Definitively, the top sportsbooks are certain that the Vikings will be able to snap their losing streak and upend the Lions. Minnesota may be coming into this game on a bit of a low note, but the Lions are coming in with a bit of momentum. Although they lost to the Texans this past weekend, Detroit had put together an impressive win streak that included upsetting the Eagles, the Rams, and the Redskins. Detroit will be coming into this game with a 4-4 record and currently find themselves in 3rd place within the NFC North. The Vikings are sitting at 5-2 and as previously mentioned, they currently lead the North.

If Detroit is able to upset the Vikings this Sunday, they’ll throw themselves into the middle of the playoff conversation. The Packers are currently ahead of the Lions by one game, but a win against the Vikings would certainly place them ahead of Green Bay, and open a plethora of options for the postseason.

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