NFC Favored in Pro Bowl Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl betting favors the NFC on Sunday, but just barely. The NFC is a 2-point favorite in Pro Bowl odds with a total of 57.

Normally the Pro Bowl is held after the Super Bowl but the NFL is trying something different this year and so far it has not gone well with 29 changes already to the Pro Bowl rosters.

Pro Bowl betting usually has the best players in the NFL participating in the game. That is not going to be the case this time.  The Colts and Saints are in the Super Bowl so their players won’t be in the Pro Bowl.  So many other players have pulled out, that players like David Garrard and Johnny Knox are being called Pro Bowlers.  The NFL is learning a valuable lesson that the Pro Bowl belongs in Hawaii and not at the Super Bowl site.

Pro Bowl betting favors the NFC because they have the edge at quarterback.  The NFC has Aaron Rodgers, Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo while the AFC has Matt Schaub, David Garrard and Vince Young.  None of those three originally made the team although Schaub should have.  He is the one wild card for the AFC in Pro Bowl odds.  If he gets some decent playing time he could have a big game since he will be throwing to teammate Andre Johnson.  The problem for those taking the AFC in Pro Bowl betting is that Garrard and Young also have to play.

The total in Pro Bowl betting is 57 and that could be kind of low even with a lot of replacements on the roster.  Seven of the last ten games in Pro Bowl odds have seen the two teams combine to score 57 points or more.  The Pro Bowl does not have a lot of defense and players simply don’t play that hard. That makes it somewhat of a backyard game and usually points are scored in bunches in Pro Bowl odds.  The NFC definitely has the firepower at quarterback with Rodgers, McNabb and Romo and Schaub threw for the most yards in the NFL this season.

The NFC is getting most of the attention in Pro Bowl betting but it should be remembered that this is an All-Star game and there simply are not a lot of edges.  Even Garrard and Young could play well and lead the AFC after Schaub leaves the game.  And the AFC may have the running back edge in Pro Bowl betting with Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew.

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