NFC East Team Predictions for 2015-16

December 16th, 2019 NFL Football

With the 2015-16 NFL season creeping up on the fans, we take a look at the upcoming predictions for the NFC East of the NFL. Last season 2014-15 the Cowboys of Dallas were a surprise to won this division. However, this 2015-16 seasons they will be without their star running back D. Murray who will play this season for a rival opponent the Eagles of Philadelphia.

In the NFC East there are several teams in contention besides the Cowboys and the Eagles, as the Giants come back with a great passing offense and the Redskins of Washington are seeking to upset the division this 2015-16 seasons. So for more information for this NFC East Division continue with this preview!

We will attempt to predict the Wins for each of the 4 NFC teams in this preview.

We start with the Eagles of Philadelphia whose 2014 record was 10 wins and 6 losses. During the offseason the Eagle planned a reboot as their Coach Kelly acquisitioned from the Rams of St. Louis QB S. Bradford and traded QB Noles. The Eagles had 3 QB’s to choose from and chose Noles. Then the Eagles acquired needed talent in CB B. Maxwell from free agency, drafted E. Rowe and W. Thurmond to beef up their passing defense that was 31st in 2014 in the rankings.

They made the news with the signing of former Cowboys RB star D. Murray who in 2014 had 13 TD’s and 1.847 yards in total. So if Bradford in healthy and Murray brings his top game to Philadelphia the Eagle will be a team tough to beat. It’s predicted that in this 2015-16 seasons the Eagles will win over 10 games.

Then we have the Cowboys of Dallas who in 2014 won some 12 games and lost 4 games. The OL of the Cowboys in 2014 was 1 of the best in the NFL, and they added to that as they drafted OE R. Gregory and free agent L. Collins.

Their new OL should allow D. McFadden and J. Randle who replace Murray some running room. Their changes in their running game could put more pressure on QB Romo, but with their very talented WR D. Bryant, who in the last 3 season had a combined 30 TD’s and 3.600 yards on receptions should help QB Romo. The prediction for the Cowboys in this 2015-16 seasons is that they will win over 9 games.

Next we have the Giants of New York whom in 2014 won only 6 games and lost 10 games. Even as Dallas and Philadelphia made some large moves, the Giants seem content with their present roster. We thought they would have added some newness to the defensive roster as they ranked 29th in that category and brought back DC S. Spagnuolo and the fans better hope their players who were injured are healthy and the balance of the defense play better than they did in the 2014-15 season. The Giants come back this season with a great aerial game that this season could be tough to defend against. Their QB Manning has shown his arm is still strong, and with WR’s V. Cruz and O. Beckham Jr. they become the passing machine that is green, lean and mean. The prediction is that the Giants will win Over 9 games this season.

The last team of NFC East the Redskins of Washington with a 2014-15 seasons record of 4 wins and 12 losses. This is a year that the Redskins QB R. Griffin III will become a winner or go out as a loser for the Heisman trophy winning QB. This season they have beefed up their OL to protect their QB and led by B. Scherff who was the Redskins 5th pick in the draft. They have also added RB A. Morris to relief pressure from Griffin III, along with 2 excellent WR’s in D. Jackson and P. Garcon, and Jackson last season led the league win yard per each reception of 20.8 yards.

On the defensive roster they also beefed up their defense as they added veterans in S. Paea, C. Culliver, D. Goldson and T. Knighton. Now we watch to see if the ‘Skins Defense’ actually improves.

Making so many divisions we wonder if they will have the time to and play as a team by the start of this 2015-16 seasons, so they can improve on their losing season in 2014-15, in this very tough NFC East Division. The prediction for the Redskins is that they win over 6 games this 2015-16 seasons.

If you are a football fan and Bet on NFL at and online sportsbook, the media experts are prediction that the Eagles will win the Division Title with 11 win and 5 losses, and the Cowboys will be close with 10 wins and 6 losses, while the Giants win 9 and lose 7, and the Redskins improve very little with 6 wins and 10 losses in 2015-16 seasons.

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