New York Jets Superbowl Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl betting has the New York Jets as the fourth choice in Superbowl odds.

The other four teams, the Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings are getting more attention in Superbowl betting but the Jets are here and they have a very confident team and a very confident head coach.

Superbowl betting has the Jets an underdog against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.  This is a rematch of a late season meeting in which the Colts pulled their starters in the third quarter. The Jets came back and won that game after Indianapolis went with second and third string players.  In fact, the Colts are really responsible for the Jets being on the Superbowl odds board. If the Colts had not pulled their starters it is very likely the Jets would have lost that game against Indianapolis and not be involved in Superbowl odds at all. Now the Colts have to face the Jets #1 defense and a team that believes they can win.

This is not the first time in history a team has faced an opponent they could have eliminated.  It happened in the NBA in 2007 when the Dallas Mavericks pretty much let the Golden State Warriors win a late season regular season game that put the Warriors in the playoffs.  They met the Mavericks in the first round and ended up shocking Dallas in one of the biggest upsets in NBA history.  The same type of thing could be happening in 2010 Superbowl betting.

The Jets are underdogs in Superbowl betting but the team and the head coach believes they are going to win.  Head coach Rex Ryan has been saying all along that the Jets should be favored to make the Super Bowl. "I’m confident. There is no question about it," he said. "We’re going into the game expecting to win. I’d be shocked if we don’t. Absolutely would be."

The New York Jets have not been involved in Superbowl betting since Super Bowl III when they shocked the Colts with Joe Namath guaranteeing a win. They reached the AFC Championship game in 1982 and in 1998 but lost both times and didn’t make it in Superbowl betting.

Superbowl odds favor the Colts over the Jets but history has shown that upsets can happen and in the case of the New York Jets, maybe it is not an upset at all.

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