Must Win Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting must wins are those games that you just have to win to

They are the types of bets that NFL football betting gamblers will make when their bankroll goes bust, when they have blown all of their money and are now trying to bail out with the rent, car, or grocery money. For whatever reason, more often than not, the gamblers end up digging themselves a hole that they cannot get out of and bring about a considerable amount of unintended problems with these must win football betting wagers.

Football betting gamblers have a difficult enough time trying to overcome the house edge, which ranges from the standard ten-percent vigorish on your typical side or total football betting wager all the way up to forty-cents on high-priced/heavy-favorite money line propositions that read something like the favorite at minus -260 and the dog at plus +220. This means that a gambler feeling no additional pressure and with all of his wits about him is already at a disadvantage in football betting.

Now just imagine a guy that is betting the rent on a game after blowing his entire football betting bankroll on previous recent games, some of which may have occurred that very day. He is already in a slump, he already cannot pick his nose, much less a winner, and now he is betting money that he doesn’t have on himself, the man who is blowing games left and right in football betting. Beyond the already illogical insanity of this premise comes the undeniable fact that a lot of negative emotion is involved with this NFL football betting. This football betting gambler is already down, if not totally angry, with this string of bad luck and cannot possibly be thinking with a clear head. Further he is betting with the bizarre combination of recklessness and fear in football betting. He is being reckless betting the rent and yet he would be inhuman to not be feeling scared about blowing the game in NFL football betting. So he ends up making a defensive yet reckless gamble that likely will blow up in his face with an NFL football betting wager.

For whatever reason, be it karma or just desserts, football betting gamblers that bet scared and reckless almost always lose. You would think that they would win half the time, that heads would come up as much as tails, but it seldom does because of all of the additional pressures brought on by forcing the issue during a losing streak. Betting bad money on a bad bettor is a bad idea in football betting.

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