More than Strategy in NFL Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds give you the opportunity to try out a number of betting strategies.

The problem with strategies when betting football odds is that many of them don’t work. Just because a strategy is touted by all the experts doesn’t mean it will work when it comes to NFL odds.

NFL odds success can come if you do things right. The problem though is that you can do many things right when betting football odds and still lose money. Some strategies will tell you that you must get the best number available in NFL odds. While getting the best number is nice it is very rare that it actually matters in football odds. It would be great to always have the best of the number, but it doesn’t guarantee you anything when betting NFL odds. Are you going to let a half point or a point keep you from betting the side you really want in NFL odds? If you handicapped the game right and really thought it was a strong play then a half point or a point shouldn’t keep you from betting it.

There are other so-called strategies that will say you shouldn’t lay big numbers in football odds. You can lay points or take points. Just because the spread is high should have no bearing on your handicapping. The game is either worth playing or it is not versus NFL odds. If you pick your spots you can find value in the big favorites versus the NFL odds. This is just another example of why hard and fast rules don’t always work when it comes to wagering against NFL odds. When it comes to betting strategies there is no absolute rule that works every time versus NFL odds. If we had perfect betting strategies then everyone would win and the sportsbooks would lose.

When it comes to betting strategies you can look at them but don’t let them control your wagering. Trust your instincts and the handicapping work you have done. Your hard work is better than any of the popular strategies for betting NFL odds.

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