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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Many people get involved in football betting and win money each year looking at NFL betting odds.

I used to be an expert at NFL betting, a literal encyclopedia of football betting trends, statistics, rosters, coaches, and everything else that everyone else already knew, most importantly the NFL betting oddsmakers. As an undeniable expert at NFL betting I was also a certifiable LOSER betting on it. I knew everything about NFL betting and NOTHING about how to successfully wager on it. Finally, when I was broke and without a bankroll, it occurred to me that I had to start thinking like the guys who were beating me, the NFL football betting oddsmakers, and that I had to develop a “Sportsbook Outlook.” I had to become an expert on gambling rather than an expert on NFL betting. And the best way to develop expertise at becoming a successful football betting gambler was to analyze my many mistakes.

No vision or consistent gambling NFL betting philosophy.
First, I was playing too many games in too many different ways. I had all of this expertise at NFL betting and yet no coherent way to apply it. I would often have five games bet, (which is far too many), and, worse yet, I would have conflicting types bets. I would have money on a powerhouse playing well against a weak team and yet also have a bet on a weak team playing a powerhouse. Yes, it was a schizophrenic NFL betting strategy and not to mention totally moronic and clueless. It was also a sign that I had no vision and consistent gambling philosophy. Even a guy flipping coins, picking teams out of a hat or tossing darts at least had a system that would eventually hit at fifty-percent. I couldn’t even do that because I was all over the map and constantly reactive.

In NFL betting playing fewer games meant winning more money
I will concede that there are a few pro NFL betting fans that actually get away with playing several games each Sunday but I also learned that, for me that was never going to work. I was never comfortable having a lot of different things going on at the same time. Thus, I had to develop a way to gamble that was compatible with my personality, to fit my “comfort zone.” With that in mind I limited myself to one wager for the early NFL betting games, then perhaps one more for the late afternoon games but sometimes none if I won early. And I found that playing less games meant winning more money as it kept me focused and selective, which set me apart from the mainstream NFL betting  public who craves “action” for the sake of action.

I cut out a lot of garbage
Much of this all comes back to the answer to the ultimate question for a NFL betting fan which is what is the purpose of all of this, why do I bet on pro football? Once I decided that I was in it to make money, rather than as an expensive playground, I became disciplined in NFL betting, selective, and choosey and a winner. I also found that in football betting I could also cut out a lot of garbage games, and developed a consistent gambling philosophy that assisted me in being selective.

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