Money Line Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

If you don’t like pointspreads on the football odds board then just pick the winner of the game, lay the extra money or get plus money in NFL odds.

Football odds in terms of a money line are available on many college and NFL games. The money line is where a gambler will lay odds on a favorite or take football odds on a dog on a straight up basis with no pointspread involved. Let’s look at money lines in college and NFL odds.

Football odds on a money line basis might look like this: Pittsburgh -200, Cleveland +160. Pittsburgh was a four point favorite on the football odds board but on the money line they were -200. With such a money line a gambler wanting to take the Steelers would bet $200 for every $100 that he wanted to win in odds. Any amount could be wagered on the 2-1 basis. If a gambler wanted Seattle, he would bet $100 to win $180 in NFL odds. Just as in pointspread football odds, the winners get their stake money back in addition to their winnings.

You may also notice in money line football odds that when a game gets to a pointspread line of over two-touchdowns, there may be no money line offered on the game. This is because the higher money lines in football odds don’t attract much action except from underdog players looking to hit a big score.

Money line football odds can sometimes be popular with gamblers who have suffered one too many “bad beats” by correctly picking the winner, only to lose the bet on a “backdoor cover. Money line NCAA and NFL odds are also popular with underdog bettors that like to take the plus money in addition to the points. For example, a bettor might take Seattle plus those four points and also play them on the money line in football odds.

If you can pick straight up winners in the NFL then the money line might be a good choice for you. The choice is yours when you bet money lines on the football odds board.

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