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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

It has happened to all of us in football betting at one time or another.

We had the game and the cash in the bag with our football bets, only to blow it on a “backdoor cover” in which the losing team got a late, cheap, meaningless touchdown that did not help them win the game, but did help them cover the spread.

Football bets can be made on the money line to eliminate the pointspread. If you are worried about the pointspread and backdoor covers, then the money line is an alternative for you when making football bets. In many ways, this is no different than a pro football general manager that got tired of getting burned over and over again with the way that he made his selections in the NFL draft so he changed gears and tried a different approach. The money line is where gamblers lay odds on the favorite when making football bets or take odds on the dog when making football bets with no pointspread involved whatsoever. This means that all a gambler has to do is pick a straight up winner in football betting. For example, if you see a line that reads “Washington +4, N.Y. Giants -4 and you want the Giants but don’t want to hassle with the pointspread you can take the money line, which in this case would read something like Giants -185, Redskins +165. If you wanted the Giants you would simply lay out $185 for every $100 that you wanted to win, again with no pointspread and strictly on a straight up basis when making football bets. If you changed your mind and wanted the Redskins, you would bet $100 for every $165 that you wanted to win or the corresponding equivalents in football betting. You will notice that twenty cent spread in the price between the teams when making football bets. That is the equivalent of the “vig/juice” and is the house fee for booking the action in football bets.

Now let’s say that you have the Giants and they were leading 27-17 before Washington got a late score to make the final 27-24. That late score covered the spread for Washington but the money line still went towards the Giants in football betting. The money line won in football bets but the Giants on the pointspread lost. That is just one advantage of the money line in football bets.

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