2008 Monday Night Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The game has turned into a bail out game for many football betting online gamblers. It is also a dangerous game for the NFL betting online sportsbooks.

Football betting on Monday night has been a tradition since the 1970’s. Although Monday Night Football betting has changed in the past few years with ESPN taking over the coverage, it is still very popular. Let’s look at Monday night NFL betting online action.

Football betting on Monday night usually has great matchups although Sunday games on NBC in recent seasons have been better. Sunday and Monday night games are a long-time tradition among football betting gamblers, and sportsbooks have three or four times the betting of a regular Sunday NFL game.  Sportsbooks around the world have reported that the primetime games generate more interest, more money, and have a bigger impact than any other games during the week.  Usually the public will be betting the favorite and the over in these games. 

This is very true on Sunday and Monday night games.  The football betting oddsmakers, therefore, shade both the favorite and the over on these big marquee games.  Very often the public will bet the favorite and the over, while the sharp bettors will take the underdog and the under.  That is a great situation for the sportsbook because they get good two-way action on both sides in football betting.  What you also want to remember when talking about Sunday and Monday night NFL games in NFL betting online action is that many parlay and teaser players need this last game for a big weekend.  That is another reason the favorite and the over will be so popular on these two NFL games in football betting. 

The Sunday Night NFL game very often can be just as important to the online sportsbook in NFL betting online as the one on Monday Night.  Some sportsbook managers have said that they face more liability and danger from the Sunday night game than any other game during the entire weekend except for Monday.   Most football betting sportsbooks around the world will tell you that the Monday game is the most important game of the week for them.  Most online football betting sportsbooks take in more than four times the amount of money on the Monday night game that they do on a regular season Sunday NFL game.  Sunday and Monday Night NFL games are big events and they are a big key to the outcome of the betting week for online sportsbooks and for football betting gamblers.

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