Mini-Camps: Honey, I Shrunk the NFL Online Betting Odds

July 17th, 2019 NFL Football

The NFL mini-camps have come and gone in a blink-and-you’ll miss it fashion. Quick NFL online betting fact; mini-camps are nothing at all like the Smurfs Village. The mini refers to duration and not size. Three days is long enough, though, for fans who bet on NFL games to get an inkling of what each team and its players need to work on before the 2017 season kickoff. For instance, Cleveland Browns QB Cody Kessler, by his own admission, needs to work on “everything.” He will have touch competition for the starting spot in rookie DeShone Kizer and a humbled Brock Osweiler.


The Ozzman was unceremoniously traded by the Texans following their failed experiment, and the Browns were expected to release him. He was a peripheral in a transaction that centered on the Texans wanting to dump his contract and the Browns wanting to get draft picks. Osweiler has take it in stride, though, and said on that he wants “to be the starter of this team” on Wednesday, the same signed his rookie contract. As some book says, whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased and he that humbleth himself shall be exalteth. And there is no humbler abode than FirstEnergy Stadium.

It’s about the NFL online betting competition

Competition is good, but competition for the starting QB spot is something the Colts did not want to have. It’s what they’ll get, though, as Andrew Luck’s shoulder surgery has head coach Chuck Pagano “hoping” and “praying.” Give his last name, NFL online betting fans have to wonder to whom exactly he is praying. Chuck, stay within the boundaries of Judeo-Christian orthodoxy; right now, St. Jude is your best bet – not having a Dak Prescott waiting in the wings, you had better commend yourself to the patron saint of lost causes.


At least fans who bet on NFL games will agree that Luck has a pretty good reason to miss training. The same may or may not be said of Odell Beckham. The Giants wide receiver deigned to show up for mini-camp after skipping Organized Team Activities – an absence which was believed to be a negotiation tactic. Beckham rendered the point moot – or even more so considering he has no choice but to play out the rest of his rookie contract before he can get a bigger piece of the pie – by showing no sign of rust at mini-camp.

Should Baltimore fans worry?

Steelers WR Le’Veon Bell also missed his team’s mini-camp. Should Baltimore NFL online betting fans worry that the possessive pronoun may not apply to Bell for much longer? Yes and no. the Ravens slapped the franchise tag on him in March but he didn’t sign the franchise tender. Technically he’s not under contract and as such not obligated to report to the otherwise mandatory mini-camp. Plus, he had groin surgery not long ago, so he may have been exempted regardless. If it’s any consolation, offensive coordinator Todd Haley to ESPN that “[Le’Veon]’s missed because of injury, and when he’s come back, he’s come back ready to go. I assume that’s the way it will be.”

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