Miami Dolphins in the NFL Preseason betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bill Parcells could care less about NFL preseason betting but there is good reason to believe that his new team, the Miami Dolphins, will do very well in the NFL preseason betting line.

The laughing stock of the NFL preseason betting lines and regular season betting for the past few years the Dolphins are looking to bounce back under new management. And with a rookie first time head coach at the helm the Dolphins will look for success immediately in the NFL preseason betting.

Tony Sparano was at the top of many team’s wish list this off-season, but the Dolphins landed him as their head coach and his first test with the team will come in the NFL preseason betting. This is Sparano’s first head coaching gig and even though he’s a “Parcells’ guy” he will still need to win over his boss’ confidence as well as a disgruntled fan base. The NFL preseason betting season is the prefect time to start and NFL preseason betting fans should expect the Dolphins to do well against the NFL preseason betting lines.

But aside from Sparano wanting to make a good impression with his boss and fans, there are several other reasons why NFL preseason fans should expect the Dolphins to do well in the NFL preseason betting lines. The fact of the matter is that the Miami Dolphins have been very bad for a number of years and any win, even a pathetic NFL preseason betting win would still be a huge win for this struggling franchise. Many of the young players on this squad haven’t even won ten games in their career and a strong NFL preseason betting showing would be monumental for their confidence.

Also, the weather in Miami in NFL preseason betting season can be brutal and the Dolphins can use this to their advantage. If teams come from north to play in Miami in the NFL betting preseason they had better be in shape because the humidity can derail a game plan. When you take into account that the Dolphins enter the NFL preseason betting season with a new coach, many starting position still open and very hot climate, these things tend to point to success for the Fins in this season’s NFL preseason betting action.

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