Manning Fails to Throw TD Pass in Broncos Win Over Bills

December 9, 2014 NFL Football

football player running with ballThe Denver Broncos now 10-3 (1st AFC West) beat the 7-6 Bills (2nd AFC East) 24-17 on Sunday. Most surprising of all in this game, Denver QB Peyton Manning did not pass for a TD in the win. Let’s recap how that happened.

The game was played at the Sports Authority Field in Denver, Colorado and was seen on CBS TV as Broncos RB Anderson had a 3 rushing touchdowns on his 21 carries for 58 yards, with most of his rushes and touchdowns were in the center of the offensive action, with a 1 yard TD, 1 three yard TD and a 6 yard TD in the game.

The Broncos score a total of 3 touchdowns in the game, with 1 TD in each of the 1st three quarters, along with a FG for 3 points in the 3rd and were scoreless in the 4th quarter. The Bills could not get on the scoreboard in the 1st, but got a FG for 3 points in the 2nd quarter, hence the score at half time was Bills 3 and Broncos 14. Then in the 3rd the Bills were scoreless, but scored to touchdowns in the final 4th quarter for 14 points, so the game final was Bills 17 and Broncos 24.

This was a game where Bronco QB Peyton Manning was shooting for the TD per game record held by Saints QB Brees, but Manning’s streak of 51 games with a TD pass, which was 3 short of the record, came to a halt, as Manning did not complete a TD pass in this game. But as QB Manning said, “despite our three turnovers, we won the game with our new rushing approach, and I worry less about the statistics and more about becoming a Super Bowl team this season, and that’s our goal.”

The Bills complained about the referees’ calls in the game, but their loss was typical of the same difficulties that have faced them all season, and that primarily is very shaky play at the QB position, apart from the fact that Bills QB Orton passed for 355 yards, his completion rating in the game was only 27.6, and this loss put the Bills at 11th in AFC, with not much chance of making the playoffs. Even as Broncos QB Manning did not score a TD in the game, the Bills defense could not stop him from completing passed that set up touchdowns for his RBs. QB Manning was 14 of 20 passes, with interception, which gave him a 70 + completion rating.

If you bet on NFL at an online sportsbook and you are not pleased with the outcome of this game, be you a Bronco or Bills fan, then watch for the upcoming odds as the Bills now 7-6 play at home against the Green Bay Packers (1st NFC North) on Sunday the 14th of Dec.2014 and on Fox TV. The Bronco now 10-3 play at the San Diego Chargers 8-5 (2nd AFC West) on Sunday the 14th of Dec. 2014 at 4:25 PM ET and on CBS TV, with the Broncos early favorites at – 3 ½ with O/U at 50 ½.

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