Making Bet Football Online Wagers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet football online wagers are made from the moment the opening line comes out until the games begin.

The opening line is based on what the oddsmakers think will be the number that attracts an equal amount of action to both sides of the matchup. That also applies to over/under total numbers in NFL betting.

Bet football online odds moves are simply changes in that opening line based on the wagering action of those who bet football online. When the line moves up on one team, it is because that team is getting disproportionate action from the public in college or NFL betting. That means that the team that is not getting public betting action is becoming a better value the more that the line moves away from them. This happens all the time as gamblers make bet football online wagers.

As you bet football online keep in mind that the odds will be changing frequently. Often the line will move subtly, just a half a point or so, but there will also be strong line moves in college or NFL betting in which the line will move significantly.

Also keep in mind that sometimes, sportsbooks do not mind getting lopsided action on one side from gamblers that bet football online, as long as it is the wrong side. Such lines are known as “trap” lines and more experienced gamblers that bet football online will know them as traps because they will sense that the line makes no sense.  This means that gamblers that bet football online will get sucked into betting the wrong side because when something seems too good to be true it usually is.

When you bet football online always remember that the line is set to attract equal attention, not to predict the game.  Sometimes the public will bet football online and wager on a team that is not worthy of the pointspread in college or NFL betting.  What matters to the oddsmaker is how the public will react as they bet football online, not the overall strength of the two teams.

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