Madden NFL20 Popularity Betting Based on Realistic Ratings

May 4th, 2020 NFL Football, Online Betting

In view of the rapidly growing handle on Sports Sims are questions of foundation. Just what goes into these games? In the case of Madden NFL20, it comes down to ratings that reflect real life. It follows that Madden NFL20 betting results convince gamblers of game quality. Anyone that bets on Madden NFL20 know that they can trust players and teams to emulate the actual NFL. With that in mind let’s examine various ratings that show the contrast of player quality.

Team and Player Ratings

Madden NFL20 bases its realism on the combination of team and player ratings. To begin with, each NFL team gets an offensive-defensive, and overall rating. Combined with that are the intricate individual player ratings. Correlate ratings that end up with different player categories. Those are elite, near-elite, quality starters, low-level starters, backups, and low-level backups. Every conceivable category and football skill for a position is taken into account. Overall, the top players in Madden NFL20 are the same as real life. Just as they should be. This is what gamblers have come to trust the game.

Top Overall Players

In sum, a total of five players top the Madden NFL20 ratings with an overall score of 99. Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald and Panthers middle linebacker Luke Kuechly top the “99” rated defenders. Of course, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a 99 rated top quarterback. Its no surprise that Panthers running back Christian McCaffery and Saints receiver Michael Thomas score 99 too. The second-best quarterback is Russell Wilson of the Seahawks. Drew Brees of the Saints and Lamar Jackson of the Ravens follow.

More Mirroring of Actual Player Quality

Consider the top two rated tight ends in Madden NFL20. San Francisco’s George Kittle is 97 and Kansas City’s Travis Kelce is 96. Next best would be the Eagles, Zach Ertz, at 90. What this shows is are ratings that are difficult to despite. Kittle and Kelce are consensus top-rated tight ends with NFL Scouts. And that online betting Status is reflected in the game. Which then is played out on the betting board.

McCaffrey Dominates the Backs

The account of Carolina’s Christian McCaffrey is even more credibility in the eyes of gamblers. McCaffrey just signed a massive contract extension with the Panthers. His Madden NFL20 rating of 99 is six points better than the next best back. Can anyone argue about that? It’s no contest and is reflective of game results. Second-ranked running back Ezekiel Elliott at a score of 93 is a reasonable result too.

The Defense Rests

More emphatically are defensive ratings that close the case for Madden NFL20 betting. Carolina’s Luke Kuechly at 99, Chicago’s Khalil Mack, and Seattle’s Bobby Wagner at 98 are credible top linebackers.

In like manner are the defensive linemen. Aaron Darnold’s 99 for the Rams is completely understandable. Specifically, he led the NFL in tackles for loss in 2019. J.J. Watt brings more believability with a 97 rating at a defensive end. And Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan’s 92 is right in line. Above all Jordan was the 2019 NFL sack leader.

New England cornerback Stephon Gilmore tops defensive backs with a 98 rating. To illuminate Gilmore led the NFL with six interceptions. Two of which were run back for touchdowns.

Quality You Can Bet On

On the whole such quality, game engineering makes Madden NFL20 a sports sim you can trust. Supplementing the case is the massive increase in wagering action for these games. Check our SBG Sportsbook board daily for newly updated matchups!

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