Looking at NFL Playoffs Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL Playoffs odds provide gamblers with excellent opportunities to make money.

What factors go into success against the NFL playoffs odds?  Let’s take a look.

NFL playoffs odds are not the same as regular season odds.  In the regular season it is good to first consider the underdog but that is not the case as you look at NFL playoffs odds.  Pro football teams are evenly matched but in the NFL playoffs the better teams usually win.  That doesn’t mean you can always take the favorite in NFL playoffs odds though, since sometimes determining the better team is tough to do.  Oftentimes a team will simply be a chalk because they are the home team in NFL playoffs odds, not because they are necessarily the better team.

It is smart for a gambler to take teams known for making the least amount of mistakes and to go against teams known for continually making errors and beating themselves when looking at NFL playoffs odds.  There are few things more frustrating in the NFL playoffs than to have money on a team that is literally giving a game away due to turnovers and penalties.  Conversely it is a secure feeling for a gambler to have his money on a team that will not beat itself in the NFL playoffs and can be relied on to protect the ball and not kill off drives or have scores called back because of stupid penalties.  It is always a good thing when looking at NFL playoffs odds to check the team turnover margin and penalty statistics.

It is smart for a gambler to look for reasons not to take a team rather than to actually take them on the NFL playoffs odds board.  A gambler should look for ways to avoid making wagers rather than actually making them.  It is smart to think as a contrarian as you look at NFL playoffs odds and to oppose the public when they are overloaded on one side of a game.  More often than not when a game on the NFL playoffs odds board is overloaded with action on one side or one total the sportsbook has put out a lure for the fish to bite at before hooking them and their money in.  In the NFL playoffs it is important to think with a “Sportsbook Outlook” rather than with the crowd.

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