The Live With it Test in NFL Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds can be beaten but it is not as easy as you might think.

One way to attack NFL betting lines is with the “live with it test. Let’s see what that test is and what it means versus NFL odds.

NFL odds give you a lot of games to consider each season. How do you determine which games are worthy of a play and which ones are not? One way is with the “live with it test.” Here is what that means in NFL odds. If the wager you are about to make loses, would you be able to say that you still would have done it all over again versus the NFL odds? If you can, then the wager was a good one but if not then perhaps you never should have made the bet versus the NFL betting lines.

All of us are going to suffer bad beats from time to time with NFL odds. If you can say that you still would have made the wager after losing it, then it was worth it. Can you live with the wager even if it loses versus the NFL odds? This is really a much more important test than you might think with NFL betting lines. If you are not able to look back at your results versus NFL odds and feel confident in your selections then you might want to do something different.

Finding winners is not always easy versus NFL odds and it is much more difficult if you can’t look yourself in the eye and say you would have made the same wager again. There are a lot of things that go into handicapping NFL odds but confidence is a huge factor. If you are not confident in your own handicapping ability and in your selections versus the NFL betting lines, not much else matters.

Once you get confidence in your ability to pick winners and can go back and look at losses with no regrets, you will be on your way to winning more money versus the NFL odds.

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