Less NFL Preseason Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Let’s face it; the best day in NFL preseason betting is the day that it ends.

For anyone that has ever tried to make any sense of the incredibly ridiculous NFL preseason betting lines the frustration can be palpable. While NFL preseason isn’t a complete waste of time, it certainly isn’t as good as the regular season betting action and the football fans around the planet are wondering why one more of the NFL preseason betting games can’t simply be added to the regular season schedule instead of having a marathon NFL preseason betting line season that no one cares to watch.

The answer to this is quite simple: the NFLPA opposes any type of lengthening of the regular season and so the NFL squeezes as many games into the NFL preseason betting season at it can. NFLPA veterans play very little in the NFL preseason betting action and so care little how long the NFL preseason betting lines stay on the board. But for fans that have seen any NFL preseason betting, these games hardly compare with the action during the regular season and there is hardly a fan out there that wouldn’t love to see the NFL preseason betting shortened and the regular season action lengthened.

And it makes sense. The NFL preseason betting action serves little purpose in an era when athletes stay fit year round and the NFL preseason betting season does little to improve their playing ability. Most coaches and players now see the NFL preseason betting as simply an injury risk or a very elaborate scrimmage. But the question that football fans are asking is why they have to be subjected to an NFL preseason scrimmage that’s useful only to judge the worst players on the rosters, when there’s no reason not to add at least another regular season game.

With so much money involved the issue of shortening the NFL preseason betting is finally begin discussed between the League and the NFLPA, as NFL preseason betting line fans know, things change does not come quickly to the NFL. But at least there’s hope for fans that would like to see the month of NFL preseason betting cut by at least a game.

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