Learn from History when Betting Super Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Surprisingly, the Super Bowl odds have gone down as bettors are taking the New York Giants.

Let’s look at a fairly recent Super Bowl betting history lesson as we consider Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl odds may be attractive to bettors that like the New York Giants but those bettors may want to look back at history.  It wasn’t that long ago that the New York Giants were underdogs in Super Bowl odds to another great team.  The 2000 Baltimore Ravens were thought to have the best defense ever and people wondered if the Giants could score against them.

As the Super Bowl betting week progressed people started looking for ways that the Ravens could fall apart and they started to believe in the Giants.  Does any of this Super Bowl betting hype sound familiar? 

Experts and Super Bowl odds makers are starting to give the Giants a chance in Super Bowl odds against New England.  They are thinking that somehow the Patriots offense will be stopped.  They are convincing themselves that the Giants have won their last 10 road games and can compete against New England on the Super Bowl odds board.  These experts look at the regular season finale as the Giants lost by only three points to New England.   Experts look at Eli Manning’s turnaround as a reason to back the Giants in Super Bowl odds.  Manning has yet to throw an interception in the playoffs after throwing a ton of them during the regular season. It doesn’t hurt that the Patriots three Super Bowl victories have been by three points each and that they are 1-4 against the Super Bowl odds in their five games.

If all of this sounds familiar, it is.  This is Super Bowl hype giving the underdog a chance against the Super Bowl betting line.  In reality, the Patriots have the best offense in NFL history, one of the best coaches in NFL history in Bill Belichick, a future hall of fame quarterback in Tom Brady, a future hall of fame receiver in Randy Moss and a ton of character players.  The Giants have a coach that was nearly fired in Tom Coughlin, a quarterback in Eli Manning that nearly lost his job, and a banged up secondary.  Which team are you going to trust on the Super Bowl odds board?

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