Late Super Bowl Odds Movement

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds are available for one to two weeks depending upon the NFL schedule.

One of the most talked about and followed things in all of football betting are late line moves. Many professional gamblers won’t bet Super Bowl odds until the day of the game. Do these late line moves mean anything in Super Bowl betting?

Super Bowl odds move throughout the week for any number of reasons, but when it gets close to game time the line move very often will tell us that so-called smart money is on the game. Many people give strong credit to these last minute Super Bowl betting line moves and will follow them with their own money. This definitely sounds like a good idea but what has happened in recent years is that these late Super Bowl betting line moves don’t win. The main reason that people want to tag along with these late Super Bowl betting line moves is they believe someone knows something and is betting the game late because of this knowledge. There is rarely any inside information and these late line moves on Super Bowl odds don’t indicate anything in particular.

Did you know that some line services sell these late line moves in Super Bowl odds as inside information plays? It is true. The fact remains though that these line moves on Super Bowl odds are nothing more than a group betting the game. They don’t mean anything more than that and they have not shown to be successful enough to follow on a regular basis. It sure sounds good though doesn’t it? We have these supposed wise guys hitting the game just before kickoff with inside information on the game. It is not true though. Many groups wait until close to game time to get the best number on Super Bowl odds, not because they know something.

Now that we have said that late line moves don’t mean inside information and don’t guarantee victory we don’t want to totally discount them in Super Bowl odds. Sometimes late line moves may have some value, but they are not automatic winners in Super Bowl odds. It could be that a questionable player might not be playing and a group found out about that information, but those instances are few and far between and even when they do occur it does not guarantee victory in Super Bowl odds. We have to also remember that late line moves could just be happening because the public is making their bets on a favorite side in Super Bowl odds and everyone is doing the same thing.

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