Jaguars Defeat Titans in Week 16

December 21, 2014 NFL Football

overhead shot of football field full of fans in the standsThis past Thursday, the 18 of December 2014, in NFL Week 16 of the regular season, we saw the now 2-13 Tennessee Titans (4th AFC South) playing in Jacksonville, Florida at the EverBank Field against the now 3-12 Jacksonville Jaguars (3rd AFC South). The Jags won this Thursday Night Football matchup, 21-13.

In this game statistically it appeared that the Titans should have won the game, but the scoreboard did not coincide with those statistics. The Titans had 19-1st downs for 357 total yards, while the Jaguars made 17-1st downs for 288 total yards. The Titans passed for 262 yards, while the Jaguars passed for 111. The Titans were only inferior statistically in the rushing as they had 95 yard rushing, and the Jaguars had 177 total yards rushing. Neither team had a turnover, while the Titans controlled the ball for 34:52 minutes of the game, while the Jaguars had the ball for 25:08 minutes of the 60 minute game.

In the passing game offensively the Titans QB Whitehurst completed 24 of his 35 passes for 287 yards with 1 TD. Jaguars QB Bortles completed 13 of 26 passes for 115 yards with 1 TD. In the rushing the leaders for Tennessee were RB’s Sankey and Green who combined for 21 carries for 72 yards, while Jacksonville leader in rushing were RB’s Todman & Gerhart who combined for 17 carries for some 124 yards with Todman scoring 1 TD and Gerhard scoring 1 TD. For receiving the leaders for the Titans were Wright & Washington who combined for 11 carries for 135 yards, while Jaguars receivers Lee & Hurns combined for 7 receptions for 81 yards.

In this game the Jaguars had 4 QB sacks, now totaling 33 sacks for the season which ranks them 3rd in the NFL. Thus, Tennessee QB’s now has been sacked some 34 time this season which leads the league. As the statistics indicated the Jaguar QB Bortles didn’t play well on paper against Tennessee, but his numbers of 13 passes for some 115 yard, and his lowest this 2014 season, but they really don’t display all the things the QB Bortles did in this game, in order to win the game 21-13. As the media stated, statistically he did not shine, but he did running on the grass. He had what many call gritty performance for a rookie, who is still getting accustomed to the game, plus playing behind an offensive line that had a team record 66 sacks this 2014 season.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to say about the Titans, except they lost their 9th consecutive game and now are closer to securing a No. 1 draft pick for 2015. So NFL fans who bet on NFL at an offshore sportsbook get ready for Wk 18 and the final games of the 2014 NFL Regular Season. With the now 2-13 Titans playing at home against the Indianapolis Colts now 10-4 (1st AFC South) at 1 PM ET on the 28th of Dec. 2014. The Jaguars now 3-12 will play at the Houston Texans now 7-7 (2nd AFC South) with the game at 1 PM and also on Sunday the 28th of December, 2014.

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