Injuries Affect Football Gambling Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling is greatly affected by injuries, particularly NFL injuries.

The NFL is a very tough sport to play and injuries occur on a weekly basis. It is not hard to find the NFL injury report since it is published by the league each week, but it can be difficult for the football online gambling bettor to know what it really means.

Football gambling injuries that are listed in the newspaper are rarely accurate. You will see terms like out, doubtful, questionable, and probable with injuries. They don’t mean what you might think in football online gambling. Out really does mean out but doubtful means he has at least some chance of playing, questionable really means he probably will play and probable means he will play every time. The reality is that the NFL injury report really doesn’t tell you the truth about football gambling injuries.

As football gambling bettors, we have to realize that the NFL is just publishing what the teams give them in terms of injuries. The teams will always be more cautious about the player’s status. Injuries are an area that has become more closely guarded in sports and in football online gambling in recent years. It used to be that coaches would freely discuss injuries and be honest about them. That is no longer the case. You as a football gambling bettor now have to do a lot of reading between the lines. And you can’t rely upon injury reports from the leagues or from football gambling online line services. They are wrong more often than they will admit. Injury research is very often more of an art form than a science. If you have a key injury and really want to know before it becomes public in football gambling then you have to get a feel for what the player and the coach has been saying. You won’t always be right, but that is what the injury game is all about in football gambling. Also remember that just because a key player is out does not mean the team will go into the tank in football gambling. Very often in the first game they will play harder to make up for the injured player. Always remember that in football online gambling when it comes to the first game without a player. Subsequent games may be a problem for the team, but the first game without the player is sometimes an emotional one and the team is a good bet in football gambling.

Injuries are definitely something to keep an eye on with college and pro football gambling, but not just what is listed in the paper.

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