Ingredients to Superbowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds ingredients are what make up the Super Bowl line you see each season.

Let’s look into the ingredients that make the Superbowl odds.

Superbowl odds are bases upon the abilities of the two teams but that is not all that goes into the line. The oddsmakers will start by judging the relative merits of the two teams and set the Superbowl odds. After the Superbowl odds makers agree on a “pure” line, they next judge the public perception of the two teams involved. Even if the Superbowl odds makers agree that a particular matchup should be a pick if the public is heavily inclined to support one team over the other, the Superbowl odds makers will adjust and raise the line on that team, to even out the appeal of the two teams on the board. This, in turn, makes the one team overvalued in Superbowl odds. It happens every single year, usually towards the favorite in Superbowl betting.

What happened in the AFC and NFC Championship games has an affect on the Superbowl odds, particularly if the game was a blowout or upset, as the public will react strongly to that. This year’s games really reflect that mindset in Superbowl betting as the Arizona Cardinals are getting a lot more respect after their win against Philadelphia in the NFC title game.

Another part of Superbowl odds is the intangibles. Have there been colorful quotes or trash talk leading up to the game? Who has the better coach? Does one team “own” the other? Many times the two teams in Superbowl odds will have played previously so you have something to go on. In the case of Super Bowl XLIII with Arizona and Pittsburgh the two teams met last year and the Cardinals pulled off the upset.

The Superbowl odds for Super Bowl XLIII have the Pittsburgh Steelers favored by a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals. The Superbowl betting total is 46.5. Gamblers can wager on the side or the total or they can choose many of the other options like quarters, halftime or the many different Super Bowl props.

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