The Importance of 2010 NFL Preseason Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Just how do you look at 2010 NFL preseason betting results when it comes to the regular season?

Are the NFL preseason lines an indication of how the regular season lines will look?  Do the results in the preseason matter?

2010 NFL preseason betting can be a predictor of how the regular season will go but maybe not in the way that you think. You can’t just look at the preseason and get too carried away with the results.  This is especially true when it comes to the opening weekend of the regular season.  The preseason can be an indicator of how a team is doing but only if you read between the lines.  You can’t just look at the results.  You must study how a team did early in the game when the starters were playing.  You can also read the daily training camp reports that are available at the team’s hometown newspaper and at the team’s website. The goal is to get a feel for team morale and a gauge on how optimistic the club is in regards to the season.  Are there injury concerns?  Is a certain game likely to be a problem for a team?  These answers probably won’t come from preseason results.

What you can gain from NFL preseason lines is lineup changes, controversy, injuries, pressure on coaches, etc.  Preparation is the key to making winning wagers.  The more that you know going into the season, the better prepared you will be and that means analyzing preseason games. 

Teams that win in the preseason are more likely to have winning seasons than those that don’t.  While it is true that preseason games don’t count in the standings they do end up mattering. They can’t tell you which games a team will win during the season but they are not as bad as you might think at predicting the overall record of a team.  Teams that reach the Super Bowl almost never have a losing record in the preseason. The preseason sets the tone for the regular season and the results are not as meaningless as they might appear.  Teams that lose in the preseason rarely end up making the playoffs. 

Keep an eye on 2010 preseason results.  They can tell you how a team is getting ready for the regular season and how they might perform overall for the year.

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