How Do You Win at NFL Betting?

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is not as easy to win at as some people think. The oddsmakers do an excellent job of making NFL lines and no matter how much you know about the NFL, it is not easy to defeat them.

Many people believe that they can win a high percentage of their NFL bets, but in reality if you can win 6 out of every 10 games you are doing great at Pro football betting. NFL betting gamblers that make money go about wagering on the games differently than the average bettor.

The first thing to remember about NFL betting is that the oddsmaker knows everything that you know and probably more. This is a tough fact to accept for the average bettor, but one that needs to be understood in Pro football betting. Your goal is to win at NFL betting.

That doesn’t mean you have to know more than the oddsmaker; you just have to know what things to look for. Usually that means you want to be on the same side as the oddsmaker. If you thought that the NFL oddsmaker made the NFL betting line in hopes that he gets even action on both sides you would be wrong. The NFL betting line is made in large part to reflect the opinion of the public. The NFL oddsmaker really looks at the line and figures which side of the game the public will want to bet. This NFL betting line may not reflect the actual number on the game. For example, let’s say Dallas is hosting Detroit and the Cowboys are a 14 point home NFL betting favorite.

The true line on the game if it wasn’t the Cowboys (a marquee team) at home would be more like Dallas minus 12. The oddsmaker has shaded the Cowboys two full points because he knows that everyone will want to bet Dallas. He didn’t make his NFL betting line based on the facts; he based his line on public perception. That is what you absolutely must remember when it comes to Pro football betting. The line is not made based on facts, but it is made on what the public is likely to do. This doesn’t happen as much in other sports because the other sports don’t get the public attention the NFL does.

If you want to win at NFL betting then you need a different approach than the average bettor. You can’t just be taking the better team every week and laying points. That doesn’t work in Pro football betting. The successful NFL betting gambler needs to be more in tune with the oddsmakers than with the public.

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