Home versus Road in NFL Playoffs Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL playoffs lines can often be looked at from a home/road perspective.

You may notice the home/road dichotomy of many teams in the football playoffs. There are teams that are superb at home but continually struggle on the road and you must take that into consideration as you bet NFL playoffs lines.

NFL playoff lines will usually have the home team favored a little bit more than normal. Bettors want to back the home squad and usually they are a decent favorite in NFL playoff lines. Look back at what happened with the Seattle Seahawks when they went to the Super Bowl. They were 10-0 at home and a super 8-2 against the pointspread. That season they were only 5-3 on the road and had a losing record of 3-4-1 against the spread. Teams want to play better in front of their home fans and it does matter in the football playoffs. Another part of the home/road equation in NFL playoffs lines is definitely the travel. Visiting teams have to spend time in airports, make a tough trip to an unfamiliar place and have everything disrupted. Home teams get to spend the week working at their own practice facilities, sleeping in their own bed and they are in a great routine in the football playoffs.

It’s important as you look at NFL playoffs lines to break down home and road statistics. Some teams like Seattle and St. Louis have big home field edges in the NFL. Another reason for home/road dichotomies as they apply to NFL playoffs lines can be coaching. A good coach will have his players prepared to play at home and on the road but his job is oftentimes easier at home and that is reflected in NFL playoffs lines.

You also want to remember in the football playoffs that the field can have an effect and that plays into this home versus road angle in NFL playoffs lines. Some teams just can’t play on grass if all of their games at home are on the turf and vice versa. Don’t forget about surfaces when look at the NFL playoffs lines. Also, don’t forget in the NFL that teams play for home field advantage and work harder at home to secure that edge. It can be a big factor for teams that are looking to go to the Super Bowl. Keep that home versus road angle in mind as you look at NFL playoffs lines this season.

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