Has the NFL Gotten Too Big to Fall?

February 8, 2015 NFL Football

NFL logoAfter the 2014-15 XLIX Super Bowl and the Patriots winning their 4th Super Bowl, some are asking an interesting question, if the NFL has grown to the point that it’s too big to fall?

Many are of the believe that the NFL Commissioner who has been under attack on a regular base this past season, may be an indication that the Goodell era may be shorter than many had expected.

The NFL presently is a league that has been accused of unnecessary roughness in 2014 in cases against Ray Rice, that brought about some questions regarding the Commissioners integrity, then the felony charges against star running back Adrian Petersen for child abuse, along with the NFL admitting that some 6,000 former NFL players are likely to have brain damage, then taking all that into the drift, can Goodell keep his job as NFL Commissioner?

As one reviews all the issues it appears unlikely that Goodell can overcome all the controversy, but back to the question can the NFL survive? As disgusted as many are with these cases that haunt the sport, one can also surmise the stories that are not heard. But it’s amazing that the fans of the NFL have an incredible ability to overlook all the negative issues, and that has happened over the decades of the sport, and in the years ahead some of the unheard stories may break and make news, but that will not affect the fan rating of one of the United States most popular sport.

Financially, the NFL is looking at their revenue annual by 2027 to reach $25 billion, so is it possible that the NFL has become too big to fall. That could be, as the scandals that presently are shocking the league, will not stop the fans from going to a stadium and watching a game like the Broncos versus the Chiefs. The problems of Commissioner Goodell by themselves will not by themselves cause the NFL to fail. However, mothers are the most likely to disrupt the future of the NFL, because if a sufficient number of mother’s in the future forbid their sons to play football, then the NFL could become a sport for those not brilliant enough to make a living playing other professional sports like Basketball, Baseball or Soccer.

Today there is a lot of information that different social agencies are providing to parents regarding the problems and dangers of playing football, regardless of one’s age. Thus will the next era of parents, may think twice before they let their sons play football. The sport in the future may not be as popular as present, but fans will still make time to attend or watch the NFL games.

One of the factors that could hurt the future of NFL the most, would be if the players and super stars of the game begin to announce that they will not let their sons or daughters play the game of football. That could have a big affect on football, whether it is Pee Wee Leagues, High School or College football teams and leagues.

But if you Bet on NFL football at a Sportbook, this may be a topic that will be discussed on a regular basis in the coming years, so we just need to get use to the media, skeptics and public’s opinions on the subject, but it appears the NFL will be around for some time!

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