Handicapping SuperBowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds are the most talked about sports betting odds of the year.

How you handicap Superbowl odds is a bit different than how you handicap the NFL regular season. Let’s take a look at handicapping Superbowl odds and some trends that can help you make money on this year’s game.

Superbowl odds are the most wagered on of any odds the entire year. It used to be that you could look at Superbowl odds and automatically take the NFC. Now it is the opposite with the AFC winning the last four Superbowls and six of the last seven. It used to be that you could look at Superbowl betting odds and automatically take the game over the total. That has also changed with the last three Super Bowls going under the total and six of the last eight. The average total in Superbowl odds is about 47 points which is well over the average total of a regular season NFL game. Since Superbowl odd give gamblers so many options including totals on specific quarters it is interesting to note that the highest scoring quarter in Superbowls is the 2nd quarter. The lowest scoring total in Super Bowls is the first quarter.

Superbowl odds show that you should really look seriously at the favorite. The favorite has covered more Super Bowls than the underdog although it is just a slight 21-20 edge. The overs are still the way to go in terms of totals in Superbowl odds although as we noted that has changed in recent years. If you happen to be looking at Superbowl odds at the half you may want to know that the winning first half team has won most Super Bowls. If you are looking at taking the underdog in Superbowl betting you may want to consider the money line. Only eight times in SuperBowl odds history has the winning team not covered the Superbowl betting pointspread. If you like the underdog, then take the money line in addition to taking the points in Superbowl betting. If you like the favorite then you may as well lay the points since the winning team usually covers the spread in Superbowl betting. Consider these handicapping trends as you bet the SuperBowl this year.

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