Handicapping Pro Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl odds are interesting for bettors to consider since the game is unlike anything during the regular season

The Pro Bowl is more like a preseason game than anything else and that means handicapping the Pro Bowl odds must be done differently.  Let’s look at some factors to consider when looking at Pro Bowl odds.

Pro Bowl odds usually have the AFC a slight favorite with the total in the 60’s.  The Pro Bowl has no real meaning to any of the players so the game is nothing more than a glorified scrimmage. You may want to remember that when looking at Pro Bowl odds. The starters don’t play more than a quarter or so and that means backups will decide your Pro Bowl betting wager.  Most players in the Pro Bowl don’t play at full speed because they don’t want to get injured.  Players usually block and tackle at about half speed and that usually means the offenses will do better.

Pro Bowl odds really have to be looked at from a different perspective.  The players treat the game as a vacation and many bettors treat the game the same way.  Pro Bowl odds in early years were pretty low scoring but recent years have been high scoring.  From 1970 to 1995, twenty of the 26 games had less than 45 points.  The games were more physical and it seemed to be a revenge game for the AFC since the NFC dominated the 80’s.  That changed in the late 1990’s with the AFC dominating the conferences and games between 1996 and 2004 had average points scored in the mid 60’s.  Pro Bowl odds have reflected this change with the total being above 60 in recent seasons.  The Pro Bowl odds last year showed a total of 65.

Pro Bowl betting for most bettors is all about taking the over in Pro Bowl odds.  The Pro Bowl odds makers have adjusted though and it is not the guarantee it once was.  The 2007 game saw 59 points scored but that was a loser for those gamblers that took the over in Pro Bowl betting.  You might want to take a look at the under in Pro Bowl betting this year simply to go against the public.

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