Handicapping NFL Playoffs Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL Playoffs betting odds are different from NFL regular season betting odds.

The handicapping strategies that worked during the season don’t always work during the NFL playoffs.  Let’s look at NFL playoffs betting odds and what makes them different from regular season action.

NFL playoffs betting odds begin by looking at the favored team.  This is almost an exact reversal of what many players do during the regular season.  During the regular season many of the professional gamblers will start their handicapping by looking at the dog.  In the NFL playoffs it is different.  The better teams usually win in the NFL playoffs.  You do have to be careful though, because it is not always easy to identify the better team.  Look at some recent examples of Carolina, Seattle and Pittsburgh to remind you.  You have to remember with NFL playoffs betting odds that rarely will a team lie down and die.  It is a one game playoff.  The loser goes home.  There is no look-ahead factor.  There are no letdowns.  All of these are factors in the regular season, but they don’t apply with NFL playoffs betting odds.  You almost always get a team’s best effort in the NFL playoffs.

Another big factor to keep in mind with NFL playoffs betting odds is home field advantage.  Over the past decade, home teams have covered the NFL playoffs betting odds about 60% of the time.  Weather can be a big part of that home field edge because teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England, Chicago and others have the advantage of playing in cold weather.  It gives them even more of an edge.  If you have a home team in the playoffs that is an underdog in NFL playoffs betting odds then you have a bigger edge.  It doesn’t happen that often but when it does the home team usually covers the NFL playoffs betting odds.

We know that NFL playoffs betting odds starts with the home team and the favorite.  Usually that will be the same team, but we also don’t want to totally ignore the underdogs.  You must remember to always ask yourself whether or not you think the underdog can win the game.  If you don’t think they can win, then don’t be taking the points for value.  Teams that win in the playoffs almost always cover the NFL playoffs betting odds as well.

NFL betting during the playoffs is exciting, but it is different than regular season betting.  Remember to begin your handicapping by first looking at the favorite and the home team.

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