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October 29th, 2018 NFL Football

“Let there be football!”  That is the cry of millions of starving pro football fans.  The good news is that help is on the way!  NFL betting action opens on Thursday, August 2 with the Hall of Fame Game.  Two teams that have been struggling in recent years will meet.  The Baltimore Ravens have fallen off from their former status.  Head coach John Harbaugh is under fire.  Three straight years out of the playoffs have raised eyebrows.  Not to mention Harbaugh’s seat temperature.  For the Chicago Bears it has been seven straight years out of the post season.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Chicago Bears NFL Hall of Fame Game

Date and Time:  Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 8pm ET

Location:  Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, Ohio

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Ravens vs. Bears TV Coverage:  NBC

Chicago Bears

Few teams can match the ineptitude of the Chicago Bears.  Just one playoff berth since 2007 speaks of deep NFL betting problems.  John Fox is the latest head coach that was shown the door. He left Chicago with a 14-34 record.   But it’s likely that Fox was not the real problem.  Matt Nagy now steps into this coaching graveyard.  Like Fox he will have to cope with the Bears cultural problems.

McCaskey Family Blame

The McCaskey Family ownership is the real culprit of failure.  For most of the modern era Chicago has had more bad years than good.  And the top of the org chart is the major reason as to why.  Coaches come and go.  But the McCaskey Family stays.  As do the losses.

Matt Nagy

Nagy arrives from the Kansas City Chiefs.  He was offensive coordinator there under Andy Reid.  And this Hall of Fame game will by Nagy’s first chance to implement his system under live fire.  He will certainly have his hands full.  Nagy takes over one of the worst offenses in the NFL.  Last year Chicago finished 30th for total offense and dead last for passing.  Nagy will spend the summer sorting through competition at nearly ever position.  An extra preseason game is perfect for that task.


For the Ravens the last three seasons have been an exercise in frustration.  Once a perennial title contender they have definitely slipped.  A big part of the problem is quarterback Joe Flacco.  Once considered the key figure on the team he has slumped badly.  Since 2014 Flacco has failed to top 83.5 for his passer rating.  He has become something of an interception machine.  He last threw for 300 yards in a game December of 2016.

Ravens Fans out of Patience

As a result of Flacco’s decline Baltimore has become a liability with the sportsbook.  Harbaugh led the Ravens to the 2012 world title.  That bought him credibility and time.  But that is about to expire.  Fans have lost patience on the Ravens long ago.  New defensive coordinator Don Martindale takes over a once dominant unit.  But there is no Ray Lewis putting fear in opposing offenses any more.

Matchup to Watch

The Ravens the NFL betting advantage of more stability.  The Bears will be doing a lot of experimenting here.  Baltimore’s systems are largely in place.  With a more experienced roster.

Ravens vs. Bears NFL games Betting Odds Pick

Baltimore is the more established team.  That has to help against rebuilding Chicago.

NFL Betting Online Pick:  Baltimore Ravens

NFL Betting Online Score Prediction:  Ravens 24, Bears 10

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