Halftime Super Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds involve more than just the side and total.

Nearly every sportsbook will post Super Bowl odds at the half. Super Bowl betting is always exciting and with halftime Super Bowl odds the excitement doesn’t end when the game begins. Let’s take a look at what goes into making halftime lines on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl odds in terms of the halftime line are interesting to consider. Sometimes oddsmakers will make mistakes when setting halftime Super Bowl odds. The oddsmaker that sets NFL halftimes makes far more mistakes with the NFL halftime odds than he does on a regular game line because he doesn’t have much time to make the odds. Many online sportsbooks have said that when they put up a bad line at the half that the professional bettors bet it within seconds. The same thing happens with halftime Super Bowl odds. Many online sportsbooks wait until one of the big two sportsbooks post halftime Super Bowl odds before making their line. They don’t want to run the risk of putting up a bad number so they wait to see what everyone else is doing with the halftime Super Bowl odds. This takes the initial risk out of making halftime odds.

Do you know how halftime Super Bowl odds are set? Most online sportsbooks places set the Super Bowl betting halftime number based on half of the original line for the game.  They make a few adjustments off of this original number.  The problem with making a Super Bowl betting halftime line this way is that sometimes it is incorrect. The game situations should factor into making halftime lines but oftentimes the sportsbooks don’t have the time to make the proper number. The good news for the sportsbooks is that they get a lot of public money on Super Bowl betting halftime lines. This helps to offset the wise guy money that they get on the game.

Consider halftime Super Bowl odds this year and be ready. The lines are not posted for very long and they get hit fast. If you want to bet Super Bowl odds at the half, be ready. Your chance to make money will only last about 15 minutes but oftentimes it is well worth it.

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