Halftime Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The more traditional half time football odds work in much the same way as first half NFL odds.

Football odds at the half are available on most college and pro football games at sportsbooks around the world. In addition to halftime NFL odds, many sportsbooks also offer first half wagering. Let’s look at betting football odds on the first and second half of games.

Football odds on the first half is where a gambler will wager on only the first half of a game, with the second half having absolutely no relevance at all to the wager. Just as with the normal full game NCAA and NFL odds, there will be a first half favorite at minus points, a first half dog at plus points, with and over/under total plus sometimes even a money line. The most common games that have first half and second half odds attached to them are the televised matchups.

The more traditional half time football odds work in much the same way as first half football odds, except the college or football odds are posted at halftime and gamblers wager on the second half result only, with the first half having no connection or relevance to the wager.

Halftime wagering, in particular, is very popular with professional gamblers who like to get a feel for the game in the first half and like to find bargains on half time football odds in relation to the regular football odds before the game. For example, let’s say Texas was a 20-point favorite against Oklahoma State and led only 21-17 at the half. For the second half, the football odds makers might have Texas as a 14-point favorite in football odds. In essence, a half time bettor would be getting a two-point break on the original football betting odds since instead of laying 20 points for the game they are now laying 18.

Other factors to take into consideration with halftime football odds could range from injuries, surprise matchup problems, and whether a team will empty its bench and “call off the dogs” in a potential rout or go for the blowout win. All of this and more make halftime NCAA and NFL odds exciting and potentially profitable.

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