Halftime Football Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football lines are available at the half of most college and professional football games.

Most bettors forget all about football lines at the half and that is too bad because they can present good wagering opportunities. If you are quick, prepared, and ready to pounce on NFL betting lines, you can make money betting halftimes.

Football lines at the half are a very hectic time for the sportsbooks. A lot of NFL games go to the half at similar times and that can really put pressure on the sportsbooks to come up with good football lines. Are the numbers they put up good ones or could you come up with better football lines?

Many times professional gamblers take a shot at football lines at the half because they believe they can make better numbers than the sportsbooks. When making football lines the sportsbook has just a few minutes to come up with good numbers. Sometimes mistakes are made. A lot of online sportsbooks will wait and follow the bigger books so they don’t face the risk of having to put out the first football lines at the half. This takes the initial risk out of making a number. Sportsbooks let the line get hit first and then they put out their NFL betting lines at the half.

How do sportsbooks NFL betting lines at the half? Most sportsbooks set the number based on half of the original line for the game. They then adjust off of this number based on the score of the game at the half. This is not always the best way to make football lines at the half; it is just the quickest and easiest way. Sometimes the sportsbook doesn’t take enough factors into consideration at the half. They just don’t have the time. Informed bettors that watch the first half and have a feel for the game will oftentimes be able to make a better football lines than the sportsbooks. That doesn’t mean the bettors always win though. You will see halftime football lines move quickly and if you are not ready the best number will be long gone. If you want to bet NFL football lines at the half then be prepared and be quick. That will give you a chance to get the best number and to make money.

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