Halftime 2010 Super Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

2010 Super Bowl odds will get a lot of attention including the halftime odds.

Sometimes in Super Bowl betting the real value comes from the halftime line. What goes into making the halftime number in 2010 Super Bowl odds and what things do you need to remember when you get ready to bet the halftime line?

2010 Super Bowl odds are definitely the most bet halftime odds of the year. That makes sense since the game is so popular. The sportsbook is aware that the public is going to get involved betting 2010 Super Bowl odds at the half so they are going to shade the favorite and the over. As you get involved in Super Bowl halftime betting it is best to remember that if you like the favorite or the over to make your bet as soon as the halftime line comes out. Remember that the public loves betting the favorite and the over and that applies to 2010 Super Bowl odds as well. If you like the underdog or the under you are much better off waiting until the last minute with 2010 Super Bowl odds.

Many times when Super Bowl betting the money is going to come from the public so the sportsbook will not worry about wiseguy action. What the sportsbook wants is the favorite to lose and for a low scoring game. That also applies with halftime action.

Many people that get involved in Super Bowl betting are not going to be professional gamblers. Everyone wants to have action in 2010 Super Bowl odds and that makes the halftime popular. What should you remember when you look at halftime Super Bowl betting odds? Keep in mind that Super Bowl halftime betting is a bit different than the regular season. Depending upon the score, the 2010 Super Bowl odds will be set based on the closing number of the game. If the favorite happens to be losing then the line is going to be high. That applies to the total as well in the Super Bowl. If it is a low scoring first half then expect the 2010 Super Bowl odds to be higher. Remember that in the Super Bowl, the sportsbook wants to balance the action as much as possible so they will also be looking at their action on the game as they set the halftime number.

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