Grading the Patriots and Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX

February 3, 2015 NFL Football

NFL stadium filled with fans and lights on at nightIn this article, we’ll be recapping and grading the offense and defense of the Seahawks and the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. The game was played this past Sunday, the 1st of February, 2015. If you bet on NFL football at a sportsbook, this should be an interesting read.

Seattle was close to completing the second consecutive Super Bowl Title, but in the final minutes of the game the coached decide to pass on 2nd and goal rather than run the ball, they said to use up time on the close, and QB Wilson was intercepted on that play costing them the game in their 24-28 loss.

The Seattle passing offense with QB Wilson who completed 12 of his 21 passes for 247 yards, and in the first half of the game he was unable to complete a pass during the beginning 19 ½ minutes of the game. In the second half he recouped his rhythm as he threw to receiver Matthews some 4 times for 109 yards, then threw the interception from near the goal line that cost them the Super Bowl title.

Seattle’s rushing offense proved to be as tough as New England had expected and RB Lynch had 24 carries for 102 yards and 1 TD. He was surprised that the coaches decided to pass with 1st and goal and 2nd down, as he expected to be given the ball to score on that play.

Their passing defense, even as they intercepted Patriots QB Brady, they still could not stop the Patriots air offense, as Brady completed 37 of his 50 pass attempts scoring 4 touchdowns And amassing 328 total yards. In their last drive to take the lead in the game QB Brady was 8 for 8 passes and scored the go ahead TD with 2 minutes left in the game.

The Seahawks rushing defense did their job as they held the Patriots to just 57 total yards rushing in the game that forced the Patriots to revert to the passing game.

The Seattle special teams, especially their Punter Ryan, who had to punt six times in the game, and averaged 44.8 yards on each kick, did his job well. Their special team on punt returns allowed on 27 yards on 3 returns, but on their two kickoff returns they allowed 44 yards that was more than they wanted to allow the opponent.

Then the Seattle coaching staff made a terrible decision on deciding to pass, and not run when they were on 1st and goal with 2nd down and only 20 seconds left in the game. Early in the game their plan was to run with the ball, then late in the game had a different plan which cost them the Super Bowl XLIX title by passing and be intercepted to lose the game.

The Coach of the Patriots, Belichick before each game reminded his players again, that to be aware, as in these championship games anything at any given time a player or players can create a way to win for you or beat you as a team, and sure enough that happened. As an unknown nickel back intercepted Seattle’s QB Wilson to win the game for the Patriots 28-24 and the Patriots 4 Super Bowl Title.

The Patriots offense scheme was to spread put the defense of Seattle by using 3 wide receivers, and Brady was able to work with that as he completed 20 of his 27 pass attempt in the first half for 2 touchdowns on 177 yards in the air. The again in the 4th quarter he got in sync as they scored 14 points and took the lead in the game 28-24. He did have 2 interceptions in the game, but managed to hit the right receivers at the right moments to win their 4 Super Bowl Trophy.

The Patriots rushing offense struggled in this game as the Seahawks defense linebackers and safeties closed most of the running lanes RB’s Blount & Vereen. That inability to run the ball almost cost the Patriots the game in the 3rd quarter, but thanks to the offensive passing game the Patriots managed to win.

The New England pass defense in the first 20 minutes of the game Seattle QB Wilson did not have a completed pass. But in the 2nd quarter they found some open zones and scored 2 touchdowns against the Pats defense. Again in the 3rd quarter the Seahawks found opening and scored at TD to take the lead in the game. The star for the defense in the game was the Patriots rookie CB Butler who intercepted Seattle’s QB Wilson as he attempted a pass from the 1 yard line with 20 seconds in the game that sealed the win for New England.

The Patriots rush defense struggled throughout this game as Seattle RB Lynch with his excellent running talents was a problem for the entire game. Entering the 4th quarter the Seattle running game had already amassed some 150 yards rushing. The late in the 4th Seattle switched back to their passing game to try and overcome their deficit.

The Special teams for the Patriots, did not make any mistakes that would change the outcome of the game, and on returns they managed the ball well, their punter did well including 1 punt went for 64 yards, and the kickoff team stopped the Seattle return specialist.

The Patriots coaching staff did a good job with their game plan of both offense and defense for the majority of the game, but in the 4th quarter they could not seem to get the defense to stop the Seahawks passing game until their substitute nickel back Butler made the game winning interception with 20 seconds left in the game to seal the victory for the Patriots 4 Super Bowl title.

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