Gibbs Says He is Not Returning to Redskins NFL Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds on the Washington Redskins have seen the team struggle this season.

It may not get much better in NFL lines, especially since head coach Jim Zorn’s job appears to be safe for now. Former coach Joe Gibbs said on Sunday that he is not returning to the team.

NFL betting odds at the online sportsbook have the Redskins as a touchdown underdog on Monday night as they host the Philadelphia Eagles.  If Gibbs was returning it would impact NFL lines on the Redskins but that is not happening.  Gibbs said that he is simply not going back. "That’s what it is. Talk," Gibbs said, "When I was there last go-round, we had somebody that was a passionate owner, cared about things and supported me in every way," he said. "I think any NFL team, it’s tough when you’re not winning, and those things are easy to get off. All you’ve got to do is look around this year and Tennessee and some of the other teams are struggling that were real good last year."

Washington fans have been calling for Zorn to be fired but that seems unlikely this NFL betting odds season.  Just this week Zorn was stripped of his play calling duties but general manager Vinny Cerrato said Zorn’s job is safe this NFL betting odds season.

Washington comes into Monday’s NFL betting odds matchup at 2-4 this season even though they have had a very easy schedule.  The easy games are over now though in NFL lines at the sportsbook for Washington.  They have the Eagles on Monday in NFL betting odds and then they have their bye week.  After their bye week it gets brutal in NFL betting odds at the online sportsbook for Washington. They have to travel to Atlanta where they will be substantial underdogs in NFL lines. They host Denver who at the moment remains unbeaten.  They then travel to Dallas and Philadelphia in NFL betting odds at the sportsbook before hosting the New Orleans Saints.  Washington is going to be underdogs in NFL betting odds in every one of those games.  Their only remaining winnable game in NFL betting odds looks to be at Oakland but that is no guarantee the way the Redskins are playing.  They finish up by hosing the Giants and Cowboys and then closing out the NFL betting odds season at San Diego.

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