Games on Television drive NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is widely popular regardless of the game but it is off the charts when the game is on television.

All NFL games are technically on TV but unless you have the NFL package you only get the one in your area. What does all of this mean to the NFL betting gambler? Are there things you should know when you bet these high profile games in Pro football betting?

NFL betting on an average weekend gives gamblers five main games on television. There are between 14 and 16 NFL games each week but only five are the key games in NFL betting. You have the early CBS main game, the early FOX main game, the late afternoon game on one of those two networks, the NBC night game and the ESPN Monday night game. Those are the big five television games in NFL betting. Of those five, the NBC and ESPN games are the top two in Pro football betting. It used to be that Monday Night Football was the top game of the weekend but ESPN is not an over the air network and doesn’t get the ratings that NBC gets, so now the Sunday night game is the biggest, then Monday, then the late afternoon game and then the two early games in Pro football betting.

Many NFL betting gamblers will only bet a game if it is on TV. That means that those five games for the weekend are going to be very important in NFL betting. So how do we profit from the fact that there are so many people betting the televised football games? The first choice is to take the underdog and the under in every one of those games since the public is almost always going to take the favorite and the over in NFL betting. Our next option is to concentrate more on the total than on the side in Pro football betting. Another option to consider is the propositions. Very often sportsbooks will offer prop bets on Monday night football and that sometimes will extend to other select TV games.

Betting on NFL games just because they are televised is something all of us are going to do sometimes in NFL betting. You just want to remember that everyone else does it to. That means if you want to bet the game and you like the favorite you are going to pay the price in NFL betting. It doesn’t mean the favorite won’t win; it just means you are paying more to play them. The same principle applies to the over in NFL betting.

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