Freeney Injury Could Impact Super Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds have the Indianapolis Colts as a 5.5 point favorite against the New Orleans Saints but those odds could be affected by the injury to Indianapolis defensive end Dwight Freeney.

Many people believe that the Colts need Freeney to put pressure on New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees for the Colts to win in Super Bowl 44 betting. Super Bowl odds so far have been very popular on the Colts.  If Freeney doesn’t play then it is possible the Saints may start to get some play in Super Bowl 44 betting.  The Colts are calling Freeney’s right ankle injury a sprain but ESPN has reported it is a torn ligament.  If the injury is serious then Freeney won’t be at full strength if he plays at all. If Freeney can’t play it would be a huge loss Super Bowl odds loss for the Colts.

Listen to what Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis had to say. "This is huge for the Saints if he can’t play,” Ray Lewis said, "Freeney’s one of the biggest difference-makers in the league.” Freeney is considered on of the top defensive ends in the game, especially when it comes to pressuring the quarterback.

The Saints would be able to open things up more if Freeney can’t go.  Jacksonville running back Maurice Jones-Drew explained it well. "The difference with both Mathis and Freeney playing,” Jones-Drew said, "is that the Saints will almost always have to keep an extra guy in to block. That means one less guy in the passing game for Drew Brees. You know how much they like to send multiple receivers out.”

It is somewhat rare in Super Bowl odds to see a defensive end get so much attention.  Freeney is one of those players that can really make a big difference in Super Bowl odds. And since the Saints are primarily a passing team, getting pressure on Brees is a big key to who wins in Super Bowl 44 betting.  Without Freeney the Colts simply are not as strong on the defensive side of the ball and that could be a big factor in Super Bowl odds.  Much of the public is not going to pay attention to the injury so the Super Bowl odds may not move much.  But the ultimate result in Super Bowl 44 betting could definitely be affected if Freeney is out.

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