Four NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat in 2009

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Heading into the 2009 NFL season there are a handful of coaches that are on the hot seat.

If they don’t win they could easily be out of a job. Keep in mind that there are 11 new coaches in the NFL this season so the win-now mentality is definitely present in the league. Here is a look at four head coaches that must win this season.

Unless the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs and perhaps the Super Bowl then head coach Wade Phillips is probably gone. How Phillips survived last season is a mystery and if the Cowboys flop again this season by not making the playoffs or bowing out early then Phillips is gone. He really shouldn’t have a head coaching job to begin with. Online sports betting information tells us that he has never won as a head coach even with a lot of talent. He is a very good defensive coordinator but he has never been a good head coach. The Cowboys are one of the leading contenders in Super Bowl football betting odds as they are listed at 12-1 at the online sportsbook.

The Buffalo Bills now have Terrell Owens so the excuses for head coach Dick Jauron are running out. The Bills have done nothing under Jauron and missing the playoffs in 2009 will probably mean he is gone. It won’t be easy for the Bills considering they play in the same division as the New England Patriots who are the football odds favorite to win the Super Bowl. The Bills are considered a longshot to win the Super Bowl in football betting odds as they are 45-1 at the online sportsbook.

Another coach feeling the heat is Washington’s Jim Zorn. He is in a very tough division and has no quarterback so things don’t look promising for the Redskins. Another 8-8 season is just not going to cut it for the Redskins though and Zorn is feeling the heat. The football odds makers give Washington a chance this year though as they are only 20-1 in football betting odds to win the Super Bowl.

Another coach that probably shouldn’t have a job is Minnesota’s Brad Childress. He was a fine offensive coordinator but he is not a good head coach. If the Vikings sign Brett Favre as expected then the pressure on Childress will rise. Anything less than the playoffs (and possibly more) will be treated as a failure if Favre is with the Vikings and that would mean Childress loses his job. Minnesota is listed as an outside contender in football betting odds at 19-1 to win the Super Bowl.

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