Football Odds: Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams

December 12, 2011 NFL Football

This NFC game in West will feature two teams that are trying to save their seasons. Both teams are currently in the bottom half of the NFC West and are chasing the San Francisco 49ers who are currently 9-1.The Rams are struggling at 2-8 while the Cardinals are slightly better at 3-7. These two teams are really looking towards this game for a chance to really separate themselves from each other and to get one step closer to the Niners. Though both teams are essentially out of the playoff hunt, they will still do all they can to get through the season with a respectable record. Football odds for Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams.

Both teams are coming off of losses from teams in the same division as the Rams lost to the Seattle Seahawks and the Cardinals lost to the division leading San Francisco 49ers. The Rams just never had anything going all season as they lost their first 6 games and continued to just win two games that were surprising upsets against the Browns and the Saints. The Cardinals on the other hand won two straight before falling again to the 49ers. Both teams are really looking for some momentum though there is not much to find in this slow season. Football betting action on Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams.

The players to focus on would be Cadillac Williams of the Rams as he will try his best to really control the running game and thus control the clock for the Rams. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo will also look to really stop the Cardinals offense as Kevin Kolb has been a decent threat this year and Larry Fitzgerald is a legit wide receiver. Ken Whisenhunt, 5th year coach of the Cardinals will really use those two players to help propel the Cardinals pass the Rams. Look to see the Cardinals defeat the Rams by a large margin in this game. Open an account for the best Sportsbook Parlay and Vegas Teaser Payouts in the Industry

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