Football Online Betting Losses

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football online betting losses are going to happen. If you think that you will win every game in football betting you had better think again.

There are, however, things you can do to limit the losses in football online betting. The traits that separate the tiny minority of winners in football online betting are discipline, money management, and the ability to think independently.

Football online betting gamblers that lose money oftentimes just play for action. There is no real plan with a gambler that loses money. He will just look over the football online betting board and do whatever “feels” right, without any real regard to merit or methodology. With such a mindset, the masses of losers will pretty much do the same things week after week, taking the power home favorites, the “name brand” teams, betting with the media hype, spin, and angles put out during the week.  There is no value in football online betting in doing what everyone else is doing.

That is one of the first things to understand as you enter the football online betting season. If you do the same thing as everyone else, you won’t have any real value on your football betting wagers as the price for that something will go up, making the other side more valuable.  Losing gamblers don’t understand the concept of value in football online betting. Value to the losing player is taking a large home favorite over a weak team in football online betting. All that the losing gambler can see is a slaughter, without regard to the value of the actual football betting line.

The losing gambler will do things like take snow and rain games under, and to take the team that is featured on “Sportscenter” or other similar shows. The losing football online betting gambler will handicap with the front page of the paper. The losing gambler will bet wildly different amounts on games, with no real rational approach or logic to what he does, without a bankroll management plan in football online betting. The losing football betting gambler sees the betting board as the land of opportunity for action and nothing more.

If you want to avoid losses you should avoid doing what the losing gambler does on a regular basis.

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