Football Odds and NFL betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds are what everyone wants to bet first, second, third and just about everything thereafter.

The fascination that the public has with football lines is unparalleled but it is also very easy to understand. Let’s take a look at football odds.

Football odds are available at the sportsbook starting in August and continuing through the Super Bowl in February. What do you need to get started betting football lines? Let’s take a look. When you consider NFL lines you first need to start with a bankroll. Without money, wagering on football betting odds is not going to happen. Once you establish a bankroll you can look at a money management strategy for how to bet football lines. After establishing a bankroll and a money management plan, you next need to handicap the games. Whether it is NFL betting lines or college football lines you need to find some winners. Where do you begin when looking to handicap football? The first place many football bettors go is to the matchup section that many newspapers or websites produce. That will give the statistics that show past history, current offensive and defensive matchups, etc. This is a very good place to start. You may also include the NFL football odds into your handicapping. You can take a look at the opening line and the movement throughout the week on the games. When you bet NFL football lines you also don’t want to forget the ATS history for both teams. Just blindly looking at stats will not be enough though, you need more.

Some people when they bet NFL odds also employ the use of sports services or handicappers to help them. This can be a good news-bad news proposition. The good news is that some handicappers are good when you look to wager against NFL betting odds but the bad news is that most of them are not. Be sure and take sports services with a grain of salt and do your research if you use a handicapper.

Bankroll, money management, handicapping, and discipline, those are the four major factors that can make you a winner as you look at the football betting lines this season.

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