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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds are so popular that gamblers from all over the world are posting information at odds NFL websites, blogs, and message boards.

Football odds are looked at by gamblers each season, sometimes to the extreme. There are trends for every single game in odds NFL action and while some of these trends are meaningful, most are not. Far too often gamblers look at every trend imaginable instead of applying sound handicapping fundamentals when betting football odds action.

Most of this information is not really relevant to what will happen in future football odds. Gamblers will post a bunch of useless information and trends. The obscure trend that is found by bettors is really not worth very much versus odds NFL action. If you have spent any time researching football odds you have undoubtedly heard how certain teams do on a Sunday Night game after a Sunday afternoon road loss against an inter-conference opponent coming off a two game winning streak against division opponents, one of whom played in a previous Monday Night game.  What do such trends have to do with the current football odds? The answer is nothing. It is a new game and rarely do the trends do you much good with today’s football odds. Trends are based on historical facts; they are not based on what will happen today.

Obscure trends tend to be the end all for some gamblers that bet football odds. These handicappers are hoping to pin their hopes on something that bears little resemblance to reality rather than tackle the nuts and bolts of serious sports handicapping and finding solid methods of gaining an edge against the football odds. Trends could be used as a small part of your overall football handicapping but they should not be the main focus as you are betting football odds.

The bottom line with trends is that they can be interesting to look at in regards to football odds. Those handicappers that base their entire wagering versus the odds NFL on them though are probably due for trouble before the season ends.

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