Football lines differences

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football lines in college football are second only to NFL football lines in terms of sports betting popularity.

There are many people who believe that college football is the best sport because it is pure excitement with unpaid athletes that really care. Bettors definitely like the sport as they can’t wait for the busy Saturdays of football lines.

Football lines in college football bring people who have absolutely nothing in common together. People who have never met, who are of different races and creeds and ages somehow act as if they were long lost pals as they cheer for their favorite teams versus the football lines. There is a community spirit amongst the college football betting public.

Another factor in college and NFL football lines is the fact that everybody believes that they are an expert at football. Now that self belief most likely doesn’t mean that they actually are experts but most gamblers think that they are, and nobody seems short on strong opinions regarding college and NFL football lines.

Since college football is weekend oriented another huge appeal of college football lines is the large buildup to each week’s games. Each week brings with it a full list of stories, data, research, quotes, talk shows, and all kinds of college football opinion that manages to keep everyone interested and in eager anticipation of the upcoming weekend of games and football lines.

College football betting features about 50 games per week on the football lines board, which is more than NFL football lines, but far less than in college basketball. There is no doubt that with 50 or so games on the football lines board there will be some opportunities for profit but it is not easy. The football lines makers are well aware of most college football betting factors and usually make decent football lines.

College football for the most part takes place on just one day, Saturday. You do have the Thursday and occasional Wednesday and Friday games, but nearly all of the games are on Saturday. This gives gamblers a real day to focus on only one thing and they like it. Just focusing exclusively on college football lines for a Saturday is a true thrill. You have games from morning until late night with action all day long. That is a great appeal for gamblers.

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